Honey Do's & Home Remedies

Honey Do's & Home Remedies

These are things we have around our homes that can make life a little easier.

  • Denture cleaners can be used in the laundry to remove stains.
  • Vanilla extract is a black fly repellent.
  • Hanging shoe bags are great for holding sunglasses, cosmetics, kids toys, and much more.
  • Powdered milk can be used as a make up remover, sunburn soother, and relief for poison ivy.
  • Mayonnaise can be a solvent to remove tar on cars and remove stickers from glass.
  • Hair spray can be used to remove lipstick stains & ink stains.
  • Vitamin E & bioflavonoids helps menopause and postmenopausal systems.
  • Burning scented candles and incents can help reduce stress.
  • Common treatments for a Colic baby are ginger ale, repetitive motion, fennel tea, peppermint, warm water, and corn syrup.
  • Got wrinkles? Treat them with sunscreen, Egg whites, moisturizers, preparation H, vitamin E, & exercise.
  • Use shower curtain hooks as an organizer for your costume jewelry by connecting them to a hanger and adding your jewelry.
  • Have pests? Place bay leaves along your cabinets and they will deter them. They also work inside your canisters without affecting the taste of your foods.

  • Around the house hair care:
  1. Damaged hair- Castor Oil & Coconut oil
  2. Hair Loss- Castor Oil & Rosemary Oil
  3. Hair Growth- Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, & Cinnamon
  4. Split Ends- Castor Oil & Avocado
  5. Dandruff- Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, & Tea Tree Oil
  6. Rough Hair- Banana & Castor Oil

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